Recycling Program generates $59,571 for scholarship funds

Penn State newspaper recycling binWith the cooperation of the residence hall staff, Jordan Associates, and the Office of Physical Plant, Penn State created a recycling initiative to deal with the volume of newspapers generated by the readership program. This recycling effort consists of additional recycling barrels and designated newspaper roll-offs staged within the residence hall complexes.

The recycling program results in the capture of 1.5 tons of newspapers per day. With a recycling capture percentage rate of 65%, this Newspaper Readership initiative represents the most successful recycling program at University Park.

These recycled newspapers are marketed by ONYX Waste Services and a portion of the profits is donated to the Penn State general scholarship fund. This amount is also matched by the three newspapers involved in the program at University Park: the Centre Daily Times, The New York Times, and USA Today.

Thanks to this monumental recycling effort, $43,169 has been contributed to the Newspaper Readership Trustee Scholarship Fund since 2002, and $16,402 has been contributed to the General Scholarship Fund since 1997.

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