“…helps students acquire the skills vital to educated citizenship.”

Recognizing the need to provide students with broader perspectives on world and national views, and the need to create opportunities to be more engaged citizens in their local community, Penn State President Graham B. Spanier initiated the Student Newspaper Readership Program in 1997.

The program has three objectives:

  • enhance the learning environment on campus
  • increase students’ knowledge of community, national, and world events
  • encourage a lifelong daily newspaper readership habit

Online versions of newspapers supported by Penn State’s Student Newspaper Readership Program:

Digital Centre Daily Times

Digital Daily Collegian

Digital New York Times

Digital USA TODAY (This is the online version of USA Today. Also available: the USA Today Classroom App for iPad.)

The Penn State Student Newspaper Readership Program contributes to the general education goal of the University by providing a broad range of information and knowledge necessary to understand the world in which we live, and helps students acquire the skills vital to educated citizenship.

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